Special Proposal - Custom Designed Advent Calendars


These Advent calendars are each custom designed, hand cut and are one of a kind. They are designed specifically for you. 


Each package contains:

(1) gloss covered card stock exterior and interior 8 1/2" X 11 hand glued (portrait or landscape)

(1) multi-page personalized letter with holiday fonts and colors on special paper, tied/bound with Madagascar raffia and come with a protective binder

(1) holiday decorative box to hold cards

(25) special cards and envelopes tied with Madagascar raffia - each card contains a larger image from the advent calendar, with original poems/prose or custom sentiments and are hand dated and arranged in order from December, 1-25. You may put additional coupons for other gifts if you so chose like, a free hug and etc.

 These calendars could be used over and over again. passed on to your children or you can just order another each year, for as long as we do these. Due to the nature of this work and the time required to produce these, there will only be a limited number of them made each year. They must be ordered at least 3 months prior to December so that you or your chosen recipient can receive this prior to December 1st of the desired year.

example of card


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